COREN Spain Luncheon Meat Advertisement (Joey Leung)

COREN Spain Magro Iberico Luncheon Meat Advertisement

How can a piece of luncheon meat be fit with such a high-class occassion? The reason is it is called COREN Spain Magro Iberico Luncheon Meat!


Cool product design of the can and 93% lean meat would be the perfect match with a glass of wine! Let's Try it!


COREN Weather Forecast (Host - Aurora Li)

Tropical Cyclone of COREN Spain Luncheon Meat Is Coming!

Let's have a look to see how is movement of the COREN Spain Magro Iberico Luncheon Meat tropical cyclone from the Iberian Peninsula to Hong Kong!


The COREN Luncheon Meat comes from the Black Iberian pigs which are normally raised under the warm temperature between 21-30℃, then it is prepared with sterilization under 115℃.


Also, it contains 93% lean meat for each can that COREN luncheon meat is absolutely a health choice.


Oh! You see Aurora can't wait to eat this when the forecast was still shooting? It seems to she loves this very much.


Why don't you buy one immediately from supermarket and experience the happiness of putting COREN luncheon meat into your mouth?

Are you retain me? - Coren Spain Luncheon Meat
Coren Spain Luncheon Meat
-This Luncheon meat got ISO22000 certificate to prove their food safety.
-The Iberian Pig are feed with mix of cebo and cereals, and also some fruit like acorn when they growing outdoors.
-This Luncheon meat contains 92% lean meat, 60% is the Iberian pork lean, the other 32% is also lean, but not from Iberian pork, but is still quite lean. 
-Processed at 115°C to eliminate germs, ready to serve
-3 delicious flavours to choose from
Now available at point of sale!
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